Eco-Friendly Camping Equipment

When treading to the great outdoors, it’s important to consider that the way we live has changed since a time when humans lived among the wild. The products, technology and tools we use may have an impact when we take them to nature. To be as eco-conscious as possible, one should utilize the many eco-friendly camping equipment available. 


Tents & Sleeping Equipment


There are many choices when it comes to how you sleep outdoors. Tents come in many varieties, so it is best to choose one made from canvas or natural materials. Investing in a nice tent that is easy to take apart and carry with you over many trips is better to purchasing many low-quality tents often made out of plastic.


Getting your sleep while camping is vital. The two most popular sleeping accessories while camping is either a sleeping bag or an air mattress. An air mattress can be slightly bulkier and require minor setup, while a sleeping bag may not offer all of the support you are looking for. There are excellent eco-friendly options for both, some even made with recycled materials.


Clothing & Hiking Gear


It’s always an excellent choice to invest in quality clothing and gear for your trip. From cruelty-free footwear to recycled polyester sustainable clothing, often these pieces are a stable to staying warm and dry during your trip. 


Cooking Tools


Plastic eating tools can be handy to pack and not have to wash after your meal, however these are harmful to the environment and contribute to plastic waste. There are excellent tools of all materials, bamboo wood, titanium, and even foldable tools


Cookware should also be considered in terms of weight and transportation. Having a good small, lightweight pot is a necessity to your needs in the woods. There are also all-in-one cooking sets that conveniently condense into minimal packaging with everything you will need.


Fire Starter


When you go to start your fire, you should also consider the fire starter you are using. Many fire starters contain toxins which lower the taste and nutritional value of your food. Non-toxic fire starters, like this one, lower the impact of your outdoor campfire. 




Reusable water bottles save the 1500 plastic bottles consumed by the U.S. every second. Another excellent option for quenching your thirst while camping are canteens or a thermos. These options can better contain the fluids both preventing leaks and keeping your water cool during a hike. It is very important to stay hydrating during the trip to avoid becoming dehydrated. 


Personal Care


Do not forget to bring along high SPF sunscreen and insect repellant for your trip. If you are bringing along children, consider sunscreen options safe for children. Additionally, choose organic bug spray to avoid chemicals or consider making your own bug-repellant out of essential oils. 


Biodegradable toilet paper is ideal for outhouses. For women menstruating, camping can result in stress. Consider looking into a Diva Cup for an eco-friendly option during your period.




It sounds nice to leave the electronics at home, but phones and portable lights are very useful during your trip. To charge and power these items, consider solar options that both save energy but are very useful in a power outage emergency. 


Waste Management


Remember to always pick up after yourself during your trip, pick up any trash or waste remaining and do not leave any food at the camp site. It is useful to bring along reusable or biodegradable bags to put waste in until you have a proper waste site. 


Being eco-conscious is not difficult, it requires investing and utilizing the many tools available to campers today. Consider your impact in the woods and remember to be safe and leave without a trace. 


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